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Peril and Promise


Peril and Promise, the third book in the wacky humorous Happy Bottom trilogy.

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Peril and Promise, the final part in the Major Payne in Happy Bottom trilogy, is full of humour and adventure. The arrival of a curious stranger in the barn brings hope of a rescue for Monty, and Woofbot, who’s been abducted by pirates.

Scurry reveals the secret he and Panic have kept about the scary goings on in Brimstone Bottom. But their escape from the clutches of the old hag is not forgotten and Hades is set for revenge. In the midst of all of this, Major Payne meets the love of his life. A budding romance blossoms and blooms, but, sadly, all is not as it seems. In the end… No, better not spoil the plot. You’ll have to read the book and find out!

Read the first few pages.