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Welcome to the message board!

On the ‘colour me in’ page the coloured images can be downloaded as a screensaver.

The story begins…

Anthony Payne was a Major
who retired to live in the town
But busy roads and traffic noise
made him feel grumpy and down.

Dreaming of life in the country
with a cottage close to the coast,
from ‘Ewe Bean Dunn Solicitors’
arrived a surprise in the post…


These two stanzas were in the original draft. What do they tell you about the Major?

‘Fowl Deeds and Feathers’ ends with Major Payne at war with the crows. He wants to turn them into dusters, but Marie thinks there’s a kinder way to deal with the problem. Whose side are you on? How would you scare those crows away?  Send your pictures to the gallery.

This page is for us to keep in touch. Don’t be afraid to contact me if you’d like to ask a question or comment on the book / website.

Reader’s Reviews

Amazon reviews

From Sofia aged 9

I love your book and I like the rhythm to it . It was a present from Sue Harris who met you

From Heathlands School

I really enjoyed reading ‘Major Payne in Happy Bottom’. It had lots of funny parts in it and I liked the use of vocabulary the author, Heather Chamberlain, chose. The puppets were awesome. My favourite part of the day was when Heather came into our classroom as we designed some characters and started to write our own poems. I love poetry but I haven’t quite finished mine yet.

By Joe

When Heather Chamberlain came to our school I really enjoyed listening to her read her book. I particularly liked the puppets; Woofbot, Fireside, Scurry and Panic.

By Mollie