Happy Bottom


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Heather Chamberlain

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a day in the life

 a day in the life

Up at six. Make hubby tea
Look through window - I can see
crows on lawn - they're such a pain
come in sunshine, wind and rain.

Shoo them off, but they're soon back
Much too clever - that's a fact!
Breakfast over - hubby leaves
Time to clear up - roll back sleeves

Dressed - I go out for a walk
Meet my neighbour - stop and talk.
Moving on - climb over stile
Spy some deer and watch a while

Yellow rape seed in the field
looks like it's a bumper yield
Back at home - have tea and toast
Part of day I love the most

Laptop on - check my emails
Curse when internet then fails
Patience pays off in the end
though it drives me round the bend!

'Happy Bottom?' - Find the file
Think up rhyme - (might take a while)
Phone then rings - I have a hunch
June is popping round for lunch.

Tidy house - then nip to shop
Such a rush - no time to stop
Make some soup - sweep up the floor
Broom in cupboard - knock on door.

Over lunch we sit and chat
June went home soon after that
Back to 'Bottom' - think - Book 2
What to write? Don't have a clue!

Mull it over - often best
Give the scrambled brain a rest
Then plan tea - in freezer - look
something quick - I am no cook!

Evening's here - the day is done
All in all, it's been quite fun
Getting late - retire to bed
'Happy Bottom' - still in head...

my diary

 my diary

14th Feb 2016   Indie Day- Harmans Cross, Swanage

25th Feb          Author visit-St Andrews Primary School, Fontmell Magna

29th Feb          Author visit- Abbey Primary School, Shaftesbury

2nd Mar           Author visit- St Nicholas Primary School, Child Okeford

20th Mar         Shaftesbury Super Sunday Event

26th Mar         Wessex Local Craft & Food Market, Broadsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorchester 10am to 4pm

10th April        Dog Show & Family Fun Day, Budmouth College, Weymouth

17th April        Camelot Craft Market, Shaftesbury 10am to 4-30pm 

23rd April       Wessex Local Craft & Food Market, Broadsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorchester 10am to 4pm

24th April       Camelot Craft Market, Shaftesbury 10am to 4-30pm






a potted history

 a potted history

Born in Poole, I've lived in Dorset all my life. As a child I developed a passion for books. I wasn't an Enid Blyton fan, though Noddy and Big Ears often featured in a bedtime story. My love of horses lured me to novels such as 'Black Beauty' by Anna Sewell and Mary O'Hara's, 'My Friend Flicka.' I also enjoyed rhyming poetry, was always trying to write my own, often in a lesson whilst my teacher was busy reading a newspaper! (True!)

I was seven when I learned to ride on a donkey called Jacko and ten when I had Squire, my first pony. It was whilst riding him that I suffered a serious accident. Absent from school for eight months, I had to work hard to catch up. In 1977 my efforts were rewarded: I qualified to study at St Luke's College in Exeter.

In August 1980, having graduated as a teacher, I got married.  In September I took up a teaching post at a junior school I'd once attended. During a career spanning 22 years, I practised the art of writing and story telling. I wrote tales about Brigadier Baz and Frumpton Farm, a flavour of which has found its way into 'Major Payne in Happy Bottom.'

In the latter part of my career, I wrote and produced school musicals. I was fortunate to have some help from singer - song writer, Chris de Burgh, who kindly granted the school free use of his songs.

I now live in the heart of the Dorset countryside with Gordon and our three sons. In the garden we have two wood mice living under a step; a pair of little owls who tumbled down the chimney; Shimmy, the peacock who parades on the patio; Ron the Rabbit who raids the radishes; Mr Pompidou, the pheasant who loves peanuts and a murder of crows that wake us at dawn. Sika deer feast on the flowers; moles make a mockery of the lawn and a family of tubby squirrels plunder the bird table.
Hmmn - Must be a story there somewhere...!


Trying to write a thing or two
that might be of interest to you
has taken me so much more time
than if I'd written it in rhyme!


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